Web works

A website presents a view of webpage of a site with text , graphical image and animation which requests through web accessing software (Browser).


Short story of web

A client is a computer , phone or other internet connected devices which sends request to server through browser.

A server that stores files , folder and datas of a site,  accepts request from client send back a copy of page to requested client (computer) and downloaded it first at client’s computer and make it accessible by client .

Let us imagine A web works as like a road . you (client) are standing at the one end of road . At other end of the road , there is a shop (server) from where you want to purchase a product.



Let’s Go into Deep

  1. A client (you) cross the Road (internet) to desired (website) shop and purchase whatever he needs.
  2. Client sends request to server by using web address through TCP/IP internet protocol.
  3. DNS server finds web address in server and matches with IP (real) address.
  4. Server sends a copy of website to client  into small chunks of packets that assembles at client side and viewed as website.


DNS (Domain Name Server)

Real address is not easy to remember . Because they are actually range of numbers. So you always type “web address” like google.com to your address bar in browser because it is memorable. But you can also access  google website by typing real ip address i.e


The data are sent to client into small chunks of packets so that multiple users can access the website at same time. If data would be sent in big chunks of packets. Multiple users cannot access the website at same time.

This way the journey of website gets finished.

Hope you enjoyed my this article.