Hello Readers ! Today we are going through brief description for special directories in Linux System which will help you to understand the purpose of directories .

/bin : This directory contains executable programs and commands like ls ,pwd in this directory. To minimize the functionality for the purposes of booting and restarting the system.

/dev: This directory contains all devices files which are created after installation and  executing /dev MAKEDEV script.

/etc: This directory contains all the configuration file of system. All files in etc folder must be in text files.

/lib : This directory contains all the kernel modules and shared libraries images that required to boot the system and run the commands in root filesystem.

/sbin: This directory contains executable programs . They are mostly administrative tools which are available only to root user.  /bin is similar to sbin but it is executable program which are used to boot the system while sbin is used to be executed by root user.

/tmp directories have files that may require temporarily. We must not delete such files unless we do not get to know that what we are doing. Removing files from this directory can cause of crashing the system.  In most system , these files are cleared out on booting or shutting down the system.

/usr/bin : This directories have executable files that are not need to reboot the system. It is major subdirectories of /usr . It contains more than 1900 files in which cal,whoami,locate,gzip,zip etc. It  has standard programs are kept like online manuals and other useful libraries. It is one of the largest directories in terms of consumption.

/usr/local/bin: This is one of the sub directories of usr. It is used by administrative user(root user) to install the software locally. It Prevents the files from being overwritten during the updating the software. It is used for data and programs among shareable group of hosts. Locally software must be installed in /usr/local folder rather than /usr.

/usr/games : A system has certain groups of games so that this directory has been made to install games. The game administrator has right to grant the permission and install the games.

/mnt: This directory is used for mounting storage devices like CD ROM, Hard disk drives etc. Mounting is a process attaching additional file system that resides in CD ROM and hard disk drives to make accessible the computer.