What do we collect for information?

Learnwill.net is strictly safe the personal details of the readers and subscriber  like name , email address , contact number when they enter their details while submitting their comments and feedback.

Do we sell the information of our readers?

We do not sell or share your information with any third party vendor .  Our aims is to provide you information about the articles that post on learnwill.net timely.

What kind of comments do we allow?

We like your comments or your feedback to improve our work. But we will not entertain any comments that harm anybody’s personal sentiments. We always keep the comment moderate. We are completely independent to reject and accept any comments.

Do we sell any products?

Our main aim is to help our readers to find the best solution for their technical studies  through our articles and tutorials. We do not sell or buy any products on our website.

What about news and events section?

We strive to help you providing the educational institutional news and events so that you can aware about them. Sometimes we use the third party links and other sites links for providing you the information about them. But  We are not responsible for the activities and events of such institute and groups. They have their own privacy policy. Please read their privacy policy and terms and conditions before doing any business with them.


If you want to talk with you about our privacy policy. Your can drop your mail to admin@learnwill.net