Hello readers ! Today we are going to learn  how to find difference between two date times  using MS Excel that can be useful for finding the working hours of employee. Let us follow below steps for it.

Step 1.
Open a new excel file in MS Excel 2007.

Step 2.
Make two columns with names – start time and end time with value as shown below image .


Step 3.
Select date time in start time column (B2) . Click on format cell  by Right clicking as shown below image.

Select format cell of the cell

Step 4 .
A dialog box will be appeared . Choose date format in mm/dd/yy HH:mm as shown below.

choose date format.

Step 5.

Change the format of end time column as you did in step 3 & 4.

Step 6.
Click on D2 cell. Subtract b2 cell from c2 cell by using the formula =(C2-B2)

add formula to cell

Step 7.
select the cell the D2 . Go to format cell by right clicking .

Step 8.
Click on Number tab . Choose the custom option from category and choose the format – [h]:mm:ss as shown below image.

choose the hours minutes format

Now ,Congratulations ! you got differences between two date time.

Hope this tutorial will help you to learn an interesting lesson in Ms Excel.